What are the best casinos for Android?

Android is an operating system, currently owned and developed by Google, which powers the majority of today’s mobile devices.

With Android being the most popular mobile operating system right now, it comes as no surprise that virtually all online casinos offer Android play and have ported their renowned slot games for their users to enjoy. Below is a list of the best alternatives:

  • US: ClubWorld, RichCasino, SlotsVillage;
  • AU: RoyalVegas, LeoVegas, SpinPalace;
  • UK: LeoVegas, 888, Spinson;
  • CA: RoyalVegas, 888, LeoVegas;
  • Rest of the world: Whichever one of the above is available in your country;

The reason why exactly these casinos made the list is the fact that they all offer secure gaming environments, generous reward programs, good selections of slots, solid payment methods, and reasonable customer service.

How can I play mobile slots with Android?

There are two ways to play slots games with your Android mobile device. Once you have picked a casino that suits your needs, you need to either look for its native app in the Google Play store or load the respective site via your device’s browser. The site will recognize your device and you will be redirected to the corresponding mobile-friendly version.

Which casinos offer a downloadable client for Android?

Very few casinos offer native gambling (Android) apps these days for two main reasons:

  • Web-based mobile clients are more universal, as they can be accessed by most phones, regardless of operating system;
  • Online gambling is still a grey area in many countries and the Google Play store does not always allow downloads of gambling apps;

The casinos that offer native Android apps are RoyalVegas, 888, and LeoVegas; and said apps can be downloaded officially only by the residents of several countries.

What is the best alternative to Play Store for gambling apps?

There are several sites/stores that offer “unofficial” gambling app downloads, but we would not endorse them, because the apps have not been verified by Google and there’s no way to be absolutely sure whether they are genuine and legit. If you cannot download your favorite casino app from the Play Store, you’re better off with the web-based casino.

What is the difference between desktop and mobile slots?

As most sites these days run web-based mobile applications, some of the graphics may feel somewhat lacklustre when compared to their desktop counterparts. This is mainly caused by constraints of the widely used HTML5, which will surely catch on as time goes by. All game mechanics and features should generally be the same, though, so unless you are a sucker for fancy graphics, you’ll be just fine even with the web-based versions of your favourite games. Native applications should not fall short even in the graphics department.

Is it safe to play slot games on Android?

Playing slots from an Android device is 100% safe, because all reputable casinos implement security certificates that are intended to keep customers’ private information safe. As far as information security is concerned, the mobile gambling experience is comparable to the average online banking experience. From a player’s perspective, there is absolutely no reason to worry about personal data getting compromised.

What is the best deposit method for mobile?

Google and most reputable casinos put considerable efforts into securing a safe environment for their customers. If for some reason you are not convinced that depositing with your credit/debit card and your Android device is safe, feel free to use an online wallet like Skrill, Neteller, or PayPal. In a way they add an extra layer of security, since you will only be entering a wallet password and no card information will be displayed or required.

Are there separate bonuses for mobile games?

Sign-up bonuses are generally the same for both desktop and mobile users; however some casinos will occasionally drop a couple of extra dollars into mobile players’ accounts to promote a new game or some new features. Mobile users should generally be able to take advantage of more bonuses.

Can I chat with customer support via my Android?

Live chat from your Android device is only an option with some of our partners. We know for a fact that RichCasino, RoyalVegas and LeoVegas offer the feature, regardless of device and operating system.

What is the easiest slot game to start?

Slots are not particularly hard to understand. There is little skill involved and it pertains mostly to betting smart and not throwing away an entire bankroll in just a few spins. In this sense, the easiest slots to learn would be the ones with low hold and low maximum stakes, because low betting limits and high returns mean better odds of winning over the course of a longer session.