SlotCop – All pokies from Microgaming, Playtech, RTG, Netent and many more

SlotCop is dedicated to provide the very first accurate online pokies directory on the Internet. No matter what type of pokie you prefer and what your preferences are. There’s no chance you can’t find the right pokie machine here at SlotCop. We have over 960 pokie machines with all relevant details listed. We also provide a list with reliable online casinos where you can play this pokie game. What we will list is the following:

  • Official name of the Slot Machine
  • Software provider
  • Number of wheels
  • Number of Paylines
  • Jackpot available yes/no
  • Bonus rounds available yes/no
  • Minimum bet size
  • Maximum bet size

That pretty much describes every pokie machine and the sum of it makes it unique and stand out the pack. Obviously, we cannot tell you what symbols or theme you like. If you prefer Egyptian type of pokies or you’re more a fan of diamonds. It’s completely up to you.

pokie finder

But there’s more to come. That’s only the beginning.

We want you to find the pokie machines that are really satisfying you. Let’s be honest. Nobody wants to waste time. We live in a world where every minute counts. Do you really want to waste your valuable time to find a pokie machine you finally like? I don’t. I’m an enthusiastic gambler and want to gamble, not browse casinos and the whole Internet to find the right pokie.

So here we go. With all the data we have on pokie machines, we’ll create a tool that helps you to find the right pokie. You just type in what you want and what you prefer and we give you exactly that. You say you want 5 wheels, at least 20 paylines, a progressive jackpot with more than 100k on average, a max bet of 50 or more et voilĂ . Out of our almost 1000 pokies we will find a few that suit your needs.

Mobile Slots compatibility checker

You’re a mobile geek playing mostly with your iPhone or Android? Or maybe even with your old Blackberry or Windows Phone? Then you already know the trouble. In the year 2016 there are still online casinos that are not mobile optimized. With mobile optimized I do not mean a website where you can read the fonts as they are large enough. I mean a casino that is 100% dedicated to mobile users. Where you can play with your smartphone and find no flaws. Where everything is in line with the special mobile environment.

So what to do? You want to read hundreds of reviews where you won’t find an answer 99% of the time? I hope you have better things to do. This is the SlotCop approach: You just tell us your mobile device and OS and we will tell you which casinos are available for you. Not just available but optimized for your device.

Our next step is to integrate the compatibility checker with the pokie machine finder so you will only get pokies you can play with your exact mobile device. Sounds pretty simple, right?