What are the best slot casinos for iOS?

Before we move on to the matter on hand, iOS is the operating system used by all devices made by Apple. This means that whether you’re an iPhone, iPad, or even an iPod user, it runs on iOS.

Determining the best iOS casinos requires a lot of research, and we have put considerable efforts into testing slots across numerous sites and apps. We believe that the best casinos for mobile play out there are:

  • US: ClubWorld, RichCasino, SlotsVillage;
  • AU: RoyalVegas, LeoVegas, SpinPalace;
  • UK: LeoVegas, 888, Spinson;
  • CA: RoyalVegas, 888, LeoVegas;
  • Rest of the world: Whichever one of the above is available in your country;

Our reasoning is relatively simple – they all offer nice welcome bonuses and recurring promotions, rich selections of slots, secure and reliable environments, as well as reasonably good customer service.

Which casinos offer a downloadable client for iOS?

All in all, there are two ways of playing slots on any mobile device – either through a dedicated app, available for download in the respective store, or through a direct access mobile-friendly site. Most casinos opt for the second option, because unlike native applications, mobile sites are more universal and can be accessed by virtually all mobile users, including Windows Phone and Blackberry “hipsters”.

Native apps are not very common these days as they are slowly going out of fashion, but a fair few sites still offer them. The most recent version of the 888 mobile casino app is pretty solid and supports a reasonable selection of interesting slots. It goes without saying that the winner of EGR’s 2013 Innovation Award, LeoVegas, offers a great mobile app. RoyalVegas are also famous for their versatility and their mobile app definitely deserves some attention. If you are curious about the others, just look them up in the App Store.

Is it safe to play slot games on iOS?

Playing slot games on your iPhone/iPad is perfectly safe. Apple have an unmatched track record, as far as providing a virus-free environment is concerned, and all casinos use security certificates to safeguard your personal data. If you feel like playing from your iOS-powered mobile device, safety should be the least of your concerns.

What is the best deposit method for mobile?

We are strong believers in Apple’s dedication to information security, but if for some reason you’re convinced that depositing with your credit/debit card via your iPhone or iPad poses a threat, feel free to use an online wallet like Skrill, Neteller, or PayPal. In a way they add an extra layer of security, as you will only be entering a wallet password and no card information will be available for potential sneaky hackers to see.

Are there separate bonuses for mobile games?

The short answer is “yes”. While signup bonuses are mostly the same for desktop and mobile users, some casinos would often offer additional bonuses and incentives to customers playing from their mobile devices.

Can I chat with customer support via my iPhone?

Chatting with customer support in real time from your iPhone and iPad is an option that only some of our partners offer. RoyalVegas and LeoVegas excel in this department.

What is the difference between desktop and mobile slots?

As most sites these days run web-based mobile applications, some of the graphics may feel somewhat lacklustre when compared to their desktop counterparts. This is mainly caused by constraints of the widely used HTML5, which will surely catch on as time goes by. All game mechanics and features should generally be the same, though, so unless you are a sucker for fancy graphics, you’ll be just fine even with the web-based versions of your favourite games. Native applications should not fall short even in the graphics department.

How can I play mobile slots with iOS?

This question brings us back to the second paragraph of the article. There are two ways to play mobile slots with an iOS device and you need to either access a web-based client or download an app. If there’s no native application in the app store, just open your browser and enter the address of your casino of choice. You will be redirected to the mobile-friendly version.

What is the easiest slot game to start?

In essence, the concept of slots is not too hard to grasp, so pick any game you like, be it because of art style, music, or theme, and start playing. As long as you enjoy yourself and bet small to moderate amounts in the beginning, you’ll learn the ropes in no time.