What are the best casinos for Windows Phone?

The Windows platform has been around for years and if we have to be frank, its mobile version has not been very popular or particularly successful. That is not to say that there aren’t sufficient WP hard-core fans out there that appreciate the OS and the experience it offers.

We have put together a country-based list of our favourite casinos and you can definitely read more about them and why they made this list in the respective detailed articles, but if you would rather stick to the simple version, please read on:

  • US: ClubWorld, RichCasino, SlotsVillage;
  • AU: RoyalVegas, LeoVegas, SpinPalace;
  • UK: LeoVegas, 888, Spinson;
  • CA: RoyalVegas, 888, LeoVegas;
  • Rest of the world: Whichever one of the above is available in your country;

All of the above cover our simple criteria for what a successful casino should look like, namely they all offer great slot libraries, reliable banking methods, secure gaming environments, fair pay-outs, and knowledgeable and (relatively) quick customer service.

How can I play mobile slots with Windows Phone?

While there may be casinos that offer native Windows Phone apps, we can honestly say that we have not come across one as of yet. If you are a Windows mobile user and have the occasional itchy palm, we would recommend following our link to your casino of choice, creating an account (unless you’ve already signed up in the past) and making a deposit. You will then need to navigate to the mobile section of the respective site.

Which casinos offer a downloadable client for Windows Phone?

We really cannot think of a single casino that offers a downloadable client for Windows Phone. Some Microsoft Surface users might be able to download the desktop versions of their favourite clients, but whoever’s stuck with a Lumia will have to use the browser-based clients.

Is it safe to play slot games on Windows Phone?

Playing slots on your WP or Surface is as safe as playing from any other device. As long as you do not frequent questionable sites or share your passwords with random strangers on the internet, odds are that you will be just fine.

All of our partner sites are extremely reliable and have security certificates in place. This guarantees that playing their slots is as safe as using your online banking or buying goods from amazon.

What is the best deposit method for mobile?

In terms of safety, pre-paid vouchers and gift cards are probably the best options. Online wallets are close seconds. You can never go wrong with Paysafe and Ukash vouchers. Skrill, Neteller and PayPal are also perfectly reasonable choices.

As far as convenience is concerned, credit and debit cards are probably the favourites, because they are extremely easy to use and you don’t have to be a tech-savvy person to deposit.

Are there separate bonuses for mobile games?

Many casinos offer extra incentives to mobile players in their attempts to cross-sell and promote their mobile products. From a customer’s perspective that is a great opportunity to take advantage of some extra freebies.

Can I chat with customer support via my Windows Phone?

Chatting with customer support in real time from your Windows Phone or Surface is an option that only some of our partners offer. RoyalVegas and LeoVegas excel in this department. RichCasino offers a built-in chat function on their site, so they are a good alternative if you are from the United States and prefer to regularly touch base with the casino team.

What is the difference between desktop and mobile slots?

With most sites running web-based casino applications these days, mobile slots tend to be somewhat different than their desktop counterparts. This is especially true for WP users who cannot take advantage of native casino apps.

The main problem of web-based slots is they are not as pretty as their desktop cousins, because the most commonly used web tools do not allow for particularly fancy graphics or at least haven’t been explored to that extent yet. You may also notice changes in the user interface, but they usually only take a few moments to get used to.

What is the easiest slot game to start?

Slots are relatively easy in terms of game play, so there is no real learning curve. Some games might require minor adjustments, but in general all slots are similar in their base concepts. If you’re new to this type of entertainment, bet small and smart, and pick a game with high a return-to-player value. You can usually check that in the game rules or payouts sections from within the respective slot.